Sales Operations for the Entire Organization

Play Well with Others

Core business functions, such as Accounting and Operations, depend on Sales Operations for data, analytics and effective customer service. These deliverables to the rest of the company are valuable opportunities for Sales to demonstrate leadership.

Maximum Growth

ALTAVI evaluates the interactions between Sales and the rest of the organization. We listen to the functions that receive Sales and Service-Work, identifying sources of conflict, error, inefficiency, and excess cost across process and technology. Many of these conflicts drag on profitability, but there is no way of knowing how much value the organization is losing.

Whether Sales data is not formatted correctly, or Customer Service is scheduling orders before getting the OK from Operations, we clear up the conflict with simple solutions, structuring the solution across analytics, microservices and cross-functional processes. The value of increased consistency to the organization as a whole is often substantially underestimated.

Demand-Driven Results | KPIs

With a more dependable, efficient and transparent Sales and Service division, each business function sees reductions in SG&A as a percentage of spend, but more importantly, they see direct improvement in the KPIs that matter to them.


  • Order Accuracy
  • LOB Efficiency
  • Shipping Accuracy
  • Change Order Cycle Time


  • Billing Accuracy
  • Day Sales Outstanding (DSO)


  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Human Resources

  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Satisfaction

Elevating Sales Operations for the Entire Business

It is more vital than ever for Sales to gain internal trust because there is so much to say. Sales data can provide data-driven insight, but in order to inspire action, Sales must demonstrate discipline and leadership.

Spreading influence throughout the business, Sales carries the actionable voice of customer, enabling the quick adaption to changing market conditions, the anticipation of emerging customer demand, and the achievement sustainable competitive advantage.

Why the ALTAVI Team?

Experienced Executives

who drove real, sustainable change in mid-market multinationals and now deliver ROI to sales and across the enterprise.

Sales Operations Consultants

who connect and consolidate client activities to drive success and a more satisfying customer experience.

Technology Experts

who design, implement, and integrate solutions and systems that improve sales with tried and true practices.