A Partner Acts in Your Best Interests, Always.

Mission & Values

ALTAVI’s mission is to deliver long-term, strategic outcomes leading to sustained competitive advantage for our clients. In achieving our mission we find our greatest utility for the community.

  • Clients come first
  • We serve with integrity
  • Simplicity is the goal, not technology for its own sake
  • Alone we are smart; together we are brilliant
  • Improve on yesterday today
  • Treat others as we want to be treated

Our Story

ALTAVI Founder and Managing Partner, Steven Jameson, was a turnaround specialist; he would help troubled sales organizations achieve growth again. When Customer Relationship Management (CRM) started to transform the market, he led a global CRM implementation.

The project’s success impressed him. The aggregate systems, people and processes that enabled sales to execute — the sales platform — was growing new, powerful capabilities. However, additional tools would need to be brought into alignment with corporate strategy before they could be used competitively. Strategy and sales execution had always struggled to align, but the accelerating evolution of the sales platform would require constant dialogue between strategy and Sales; data from Sales would inform strategy, and strategic change would need faster strategy execution. Putting these systems and communications in place would require a rare combination of talents, which many companies would struggle to reproduce.  

Steven created the solution that would elevate sales operations above its traditional support role into its necessary alignment with business strategy. Bringing together tech talent and leadership experience, he created a process for designing and executing positive change in sales operations. ALTAVI was founded in 2013.

Our Clients

“At first ALTAVI comes across as very polished, and we were worried they were going to be a ‘suit.’ We’re not big on the corporate identity. But they quickly got to know us and adapted to our culture. By tuning in to our people, Steven (project leader) endeared himself to many of the managers around here. He became a really good team member - to everyone he worked with, winning over those who were initially stand-offish.”

Jeff Howe 
Line-of-Business VP