Project Optimize World

Leave an Impact

ALTAVI strives to leave a positive impact - whether we are leaving a conference room, a social gathering, or an ecological footprint. We have co-opted Salesforce's visionary 1-1-1 integrated philosophy toward charitable giving. This directive sends 1% of our top-line revenue to the client's civil charity of choice. When there is no preference, we give to our selected charity.
1 - People: We develop charitable programs within our workforce, giving back to the community.

1 - Technology: We offer donated and discounted technologies/services to nonprofits.

1 - Resources: We provide grants inspired by our employees, clients, and community.

ALTAVI Charity of Choice: Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency (ACSS)

The Atlanta Center for Self-Sufficiency (ACSS) seeks to break the cycle of homelessness by equipping the impoverished with resources to find employment and a new start. We are currently supporting ACSS' sales process transformation and would inspire our network to help us raise this crucial resource for the impoverished to the next level of efficacy.