Revvy CPQ Implementation Gives the Sales Rep More Time with Customers.  

What is CPQ?

The trouble for many B2B sales organizations is maintaining mastery of a niche subject that is complex, known by few, and subject to change. Sales reps need to know a dizzying amount of information. They also need to be able to navigate that information effectively in real-time sales situations.

B2Bs develop CPQ as products and services increase in complexity; CPQ adds value as the sale becomes more dependent on customization / dealmaking. Although CPQ solutions were initially designed for highly technical B2B sales, today, many industries that are not highly configurable deploy CPQ as a source of differentiation. Telecom providers are a great example. CPQ enables the Sales Rep to offer packages and bundles based on customer history, geography, and segmentation. These personalized factors are then merged with the deals of the day, which are updated constantly in accordance with customer analytics and real-time market data. Packages and special deals are adjusted at breakneck speed. None of these factors are “technical,” per se, but sales execution at a high level of competition is impossible without CPQ.

Signs that the Business Needs a New CPQ Implementation

  • Sales reps spend too much time on quoting
  • Order errors
  • Pricing errors
  • Missed cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Reduced brand image and customer satisfaction
  • Lost orders
  • Long time-to-fullfillment
  • High rep turnover and desperate need for talent

Is CPQ Implementation Right for a Company with a "Solution" already in Place?

CPQ is ideal for businesses with a complex quoting process or one that differentiates on negotiation. Many companies have deployed applications, such as Proposal Managers, but traditional solutions can create a new set of problems. A few areas where complexity becomes an obvious source of inefficiency in traditional systems:

Despite Prior Attempts...

  • Sales cannot execute the strategy consistently
  • Small-batch use of third-party products
  • Current application(s) are difficult/annoying to use
  • Innumerable product and service configurations
  • Inaccurate quotes
  • Low margins due to pricing complexity

Old CPQ Features: Two Decades in 300 Words

Traditional CPQ solutions were developed in the 1980s for multinational businesses in verticals, including manufacturing, telecom, financial services organizations. Initially, CPQ was developed to enable Operations personnel at these firms to configure high-dollar products and services. Configuration and pricing were (and still are) driven by business rules within a proposal management system that also supports workflow and approval tracking.

A decade later, the Sales side was built out by Selectica and others. During this phase of development, the emphasis shifted toward CPQ as a sales enablement tool. The purpose was to guide Sales reps in making stellar decisions as the purchase process navigated highly technical information. Product bundles, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities would appear at the appropriate stage in configuration. 

Old CPQ Features

By 2000, the features list of CPQ solutions served a mixture of Operations and Sales functions.
More features

Pricing engines

Proposal Management Systems

Product Configurators

Approval Workflow Management Systems

Quoting Systems

Guided Selling

Sales Playbooks

The problem with many of these were not quote generation; the problem was maintenance and integration. As the business changed pricing or permutations on the ERP side, these would need to be updated, but many updates required manual entry on the CRM side.

The Cloud Brings CPQ to the Middle Market

The cloud enables solutions like Revvy CPQ to simplify the purchase process for reps, managers, and buyers . Cloud CPQ is about more than quoting; it is about end-to-end Sales support from the configuration of complex offerings to cash-in-hand. It is about integration of CRM, ERP and Accounting functions; it is about reduced data entry and lookup by automating price retrieval and tracking. It is about keeping maintenance costs low with stellar user interface and easy CPQ implementation. It is about supporting enterprise-level capabilities, such as pay-per-usage, bundling and personalized offers — but at a price point that provides a high ROI for the middle market.

The Cross-Functional CPQ: Cloud Increases Capability and Reduces Price

Bringing these engines into the cloud has driven development of advanced capabilities that synthesize many subprocesses into one while bringing enterprise-class solutions like Revvy CPQ to a mid-market price point. Features that were unavailable at any price in 2005 are now streamlined, professional, and easy to execute. Companies like Model N, which design enterprise solutions, are able to offer scalable solutions for the middle market.

New CPQ features are driven by integration: (1) Integration of ERP and CRM; (2) Business Process Integration from Quote to Cash; (3) Integration of Sales data and customer analytics. These integrations create big opportunities to increase efficiency and effectiveness while creating data capital that can help the company deliver personalized pricing strategies.

Pricing and Deal Analytics

  • Enable the Sales Rep to see profitability data for live quotes for negotiation and delivery of winning deals.

Quote to Cash

  • CPQ vendors use Quote to Cash to signify an end-to-end CPQ solution that guides sales and service teams through the quoting process and integrates with Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Solutions to manage and measure the entire contract lifecycle, from configuration to fulfillment.

User-Centric Design

  • Best-of-Class CPQs enable business-specific rules to be programmed into the CPQ easily, such as product configurations, pricing relationships, bundles, and incentives. The question to ask is: Could we update the system with new rules ourselves?

Elevate the Threshold of Configuration with Revvy CPQ

Revvy CPQ enhances the quoting process by automating work, information gathering, and communications that go into creating proposals for the customer. It is a best-of-breed, enterprise-grade product with high ROI for the middle market.

ALTAVI has worked extensively with Revvy CPQ since Model N first developed the product as part of their enterprise revenue management system. Revvy CPQ is typically used by multinational enterprises because of its robust capabilities, but the stellar UX design makes it easy to implement on a smaller scale.

Model N Demo: Linking SAP and Salesforce

Mid-market B2Bs that use SAP® ERP know that managing the divide between CRM and ERP can cost more in CPQ implementation costs than it is worth. Revvy CPQ is the first of its kind to solve the problem of cross-functional collaboration. See how easy it is for companies with Revvy CPQ.
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11 Enterprise-Grade Revvy CPQ Features

Native to Salesforce1™

Revvy CPQ was made to simplify the quoting process for Salesforce users. The tool is breathtakingly simple to implement.
How big is native?

Less Data Entry

Having a CPQ that is not native to SFDC causes the Sales Rep to manage transitions between applications manually. The Sales Rep will be forced to open a non-native CPQ application separately from SFDC to see quotes. Then the Sales Rep will be forced to go back into Sales Cloud® and re-enter data manually, add attachments, etc.

Revvy CPQ quotes are automatically updated in Salesforce, creating a seamless, professional user interface.

Single System

Native sales enablement tools are administered through Salesforce, which makes administration easy, and reps do not need to create a new account.

One Workflow and User Interface

Revvy CPQ works from within the Salesforce UI, linking up with workflow seamlessly and effectively.


Revvy CPQ shares the Sales Cloud® advanced security blanket, offering top-of-the-line protection across the CPQ function.

Automatically Syncs with SAP

The costs of maintaining separate quoting systems for CRM and ERP can be high, including double data entry, errors, and high maintenance costs. Revvy CPQ is the first CPQ of its kind that is not only native to Salesforce but also to SAP.
The quant in Revvy CPQ

Manage the Data Divide

Pricing Procedures and the KMAT Knowledgebase is available natively in Salesforce through Revvy CPQ, enabling the Sales Rep to use powerful sales tools while configuring and pricing exactly as they would within SAP.


Revvy CPQ generates orders exactly as they would have been created in SAP with the ability to modify completed orders directly in SAP.

Mix SAP and non-SAP products

Revvy CPQ allows products that are modeled and priced in SAP to include products from systems outside of SAP, even write-in products and materials that are quote-specific.

Create New Solutions and Bundles

Extensive modeling and rules features allow companies to bundle products, services, and pricing models to increase profitability.

Pay Per Usage Pricing

Easily tie-in recurring or pay-per-usage service opportunities for maximum contract value.

End-to-End CPQ Solution

Revvy CPQ Covers full CPQ function for both direct and indirect channels with ability to integrate internal and external data for sales intelligence.

Marketing-Driven Prices

Create customized rules for industries, geographies, and any segment from your CRM for targeted dealmaking.

Enterprise-Level Security

Model N specializes in revenue software for enterprises. Security is not an issue.

Superior Performance at Scale

Patented virtual tabulation technology delivers superior configuration responsiveness and ability to scale to thousands of users.

Guided Selling

Deploy versatile up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with flexible payment structures for increased quote value.

Powerful Configuration Engine

Simple UI makes configuration and rule-making simple, greatly lowering implementation costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Easy to Learn

The user interface is so intuitive that when a client rolled out Revvy CPQ initially, one of the Sales Reps asked only one question: “How do I turn it on?” The rest was self-explanatory.

Simplified CPQ Administration User Interface (UI) and Catalog

Our Revvy CPQ Clients

“The product we make is highly engineered and very complex -- some have 16 factorial level of combinations! Revvy CPQ enables our Sales reps to generate complex quotes with fewer mistakes and much faster.”

Tom Speas 
Director, Corporate Marketing

Why ALTAVI Is Your Revvy CPQ Implementation Partner of Choice

The ALTAVI model brings enterprise-grade sales operations to mid-market B2Bs by adapting best practices and providing access to differentiating human capital.

Multi-Industry Experience

We have developed bespoke solutions to many CPQ challenges - in a consulting role, as well as in Sales Operations and Sales Enablement.

Deep CPQ Solutions Experience

We have written configuration rules to account for over 87 billion permutations; we understand how to set-up Revvy CPQ and maintain it.

We Are Partners

White-glove services and a partner attitude; we are not happy until you see stellar ROI.

Advanced Capabilities in Sales Cloud®

We provide implementation services across CRM and CLM, so you don’t need to shop for another partner to add functionality to Sales.

Strong Relationship with Model N

We identified Revvy CPQ as the best-of-breed solution for a client when Revvy CPQ was hot off the presses.
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