Simplicity, Happiness, and Success

ALTAVI was very clear about the fact that this wasn't about just having a place to dump the data and then get it out. It was about thinking about how you do business, and getting the information to help you do your business better. From that perspective, ALTAVI has already been extremely helpful.

ALTAVI quickly got to know us and adapted to our culture. By tuning in to our people, the project leader, Steven, endeared himself to many of the managers around here. He became a really good team member - to everyone he worked with, winning over those who were initially stand-offish.

Steven has a knack for working with multiple influencers and personalities within an organization to achieve a common end for the good of all.

Steven has a unique ability to approach business problems from both a macro and micro perspective. He dials in, analyzes a given problem, and identifies the big picture solution, but then he is able to get down in the minutia to develop and oversee a successful implementation that fosters team adaption and adoption.

ALTAVI was able to break down complex topics like CRM integration and communicate them effectively to me – someone fairly new to the subject.