Your Implementation Plan Needs an Implemention Plan

The Steepest Challenge in Sales Operations: Talent

Executing a new sales enablement platform that affects diverse stakeholders while executing a dynamic business strategy can be a significant challenge. The stakes are high; talent is a necessity. 

The ALTAVI model provides critical capabilities where mid-market businesses need us most. Sharing our capabilities, we construct a more robust implementation platform to jumpstart advantage.

ALTAVI Change Management Turns Debate into Simple Process Solutions

Misalignments are often embedded in the business, requiring diplomacy and objectivity.

Renegade Sales

Sales silos are executing the wrong strategy, or the strategy is impracticable with current resources.

Complex Business Process

Employees solve errors on a case-by-case basis and in silos, resulting in onerous practices and inconsistency across units.

ALTAVI Implementation Partnership

ALTAVI builds user buy-in and begins the change management process BEFORE we design the right software. By the time the initial product rolls out, we have already built positive momentum for change by achieving key wins and consensus.

Our Clients

“ALTAVI helped guide our people in how they approach the CRM. When our employees tried to make the system repeat the way they did their manual jobs, ALTAVI came back with a firm, positive stance: ‘The software can and WILL help you do things better.’ Then the CRM delivered that promise.”

Jeff Howe 
Business Line VP

Why ALTAVI Is Your Revvy CPQ Implementation Partner of Choice

The ALTAVI model brings enterprise-grade sales operations to mid-market B2Bs by adapting best practices and providing access to differentiating human capital.

Multi-Industry Experience

We have developed bespoke solutions to many CPQ challenges - in a consulting role, as well as in Sales Operations and Sales Enablement.

Deep CPQ Solutions Experience

We have written configuration rules to account for over 87 billion permutations; we understand how to set-up Revvy CPQ and maintain it.

We Are Partners

White-glove services and a partner attitude; we are not happy until you see stellar ROI.

Advanced Capabilities in Sales Cloud®

We provide implementation services across CRM and CLM, so you don’t need to shop for another partner to add functionality to Sales.

Strong Relationship with Model N

We identified Revvy CPQ as the best-of-breed solution for a client when Revvy CPQ was hot off the presses.
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