Sales Enablement Services Packages



Our most basic implementation for roll-out within one month - available for CPQ, CLM, Rebate and Incentive Management, and CRM


  • Management Interviews
  • Sales Operations and Sales Rep Interviews
  • Cursory Process Review
  • Configuration and Implementation
  • As-Needed Change Management and Implementation Support
  • Training
  • Operational Rollout


  • Functional Sales Enablement Tool
  • Reports and Dashboards with Recommended KPIs
  • Tailored Sales Funnel Stages
  • Naming Convention Recommendations
  • Change Management Plan / Adoption Plan
  • Sales Process and Technology Gaps
  • Roadmap w/ Recommended Silo Integrations
  • Governance Document

Why the ALTAVI Team?

Experienced Executives

who drove real, sustainable change in mid-market multinationals and now deliver ROI to sales and across the enterprise.

Sales Operations Consultants

who connect and consolidate client activities to drive success and a more satisfying customer experience.

Technology Experts

who design, implement, and integrate solutions and systems that improve sales with tried and true practices.

Alone We Are Smart, Together We Are Brilliant

Let us show you how to bridge the gap between business strategy and sales execution.