Webinar: How to Streamline Sales Quotes to Unlock More Customer Selling Time

Are sales quotes slowing down your sales teams? ALTAVI client Southern States faced this challenge head on, and has lived to tell about it (thrived actually). Join us for a live webinar with Southern States to see how they did it.

John E. Kosar, III

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If administrative tasks are preventing your sales teams from spending more time with customers, then you are one step closer to solving one of the most pervasive challenges in contemporary Sales: 96% of sales teams say they’d be more successful with more customer selling time.

How do we reduce time and resources spent on tasks like:

  • Pricing approvals
  • Managing, learning and relearning complex product catalogues
  • Configuring products effectively for each customer
  • Communicating and coordinating quotes across business functions
  • And more...

Join ALTAVI client Tom Speas, Vice President Corporate Marketing at Southern States, and Bernard Gutierrez, Vice President Global Solution Consulting at Model N, to see how sales teams are deploying Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) technology to:

  • Spend 40% more selling time with customers
  • Respond first with an accurate quote
  • Accelerate quote approvals to win more business
  • Maximize margins by digitally reinventing the sales experience
  • Tame product catalogs gone wild

ALTAVI’s client will share the results Southern States achieved using Model N CPQ to reduce administration and drive sales.

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