Podcast 3: Strategies for Recruiting Sales Talent from Colleges and Universities with Dr. Terry Loe

Dr. Terry Loe is Co-Director of the Center for Professional Selling at Kennesaw State; he shares his experience and philosophy about sales training. Read this if you want to recruit great sales reps or improve your onboarding or training processes.

Barbara Giamanco

Very few colleges offer sales training, even as a component of business school. Why is that? And how has Sales — and the college experience — changed over the last twenty years to mandate more substantial professional training?

Dr. Terry Low shares insider knowledge about how Sales is a growing discipline on college campuses. He talks about his program's approach to sales training and delivers a unique, generative perspective on the field.

If you want to hire young, talented and above all, professionally trained sales reps, then tune in to the podcast. Dr. Loe discusses the online tools you can use to find programs near you.

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