Podcast 1: The Evolution of Sales Operations

Barbara Giamanco hosted ALTAVI Managing Partner, Steven Jameson, for a chat about the changing definition of Sales Operations.

Barbara Giamanco

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In this episode, my guest is Steven Jameson, Managing Partner at ALTAVI. Steven was also our recent keynote speaker at our October TAG Sales Leadership event.

Many people have conflicting definitions of what sales operations means, so I asked Steven to share his point of view and definition of sales operations to get us started.

Then we discussed:

How sales operations have changed and evolved.

Steven talks about how sales ops now break down silos within an organization and why that is important.

A proponent of only hiring rock stars into sales operations roles, Steven shared his thoughts on the characteristics hiring leaders should be keeping in mind when filling sales operations positions.

The technology market for sales enablement tools has exploded, and we talked about how the proliferation of sales enablement tools provides companies with a competitive advantage but also presents challenges if you just keep adding new technology to the stack.

Finally, we talked about how the SVP of Sales Operations validates to their executive team they are enabling their team with the right strategy, skills, technology and learning from industry best practices.

<< Listen to the podcast >>

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