Model N Publishes eBook: “7 Best Practices for Planning a CPQ Project”

7 Best Practices for Planning a CPQ Project is a collaborative effort between Model N and an implementation partner, delivering advice from real-world expertise with CPQ implementations. Read and download.

John E. Kosar, III

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) is transforming the way sales teams sell, leading to significant increases in up-sell and cross-sell, improvements in customer experience and increased internal efficiencies. The value has resulted in expanding the market for CPQ, as businesses either implement CPQ for the first time, or replace on-premise solutions with SaaS. It is becoming increasingly common to compete with CPQ-enabled sales teams, and particularly with the newest innovations in SaaS technology.


Planning a CPQ Project Increases Success

7 Best Practices for Planning a CPQ Project brings together real-world CPQ implementation experience from Model N and Novus CPQ Consulting, to produce an enterprise-class process and advice guide for implementing this valuable software.


Read 7 Best Practices for Planning a CPQ Project

From nuts-and-bolts checklists to key visioning and change management advice, the document covers key challenges in the CPQ implementation lifecycle, also providing useful questions to ask prospective vendors before making a selection, ultimately giving new CPQ customers a roadmap to understand the implementation process and what to expect along the way.


Download 7 Best Practices for Planning a CPQ Project


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Model N is the leader in Revenue Management solutions. Driving mission critical business processes such as configure, price and quote (CPQ), contract and rebate management, business intelligence, and regulatory compliance, Model N solutions transform the revenue lifecycle from a series of disjointed operations into a strategic end-to-end process.



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