ALTAVI, Inc. Hires VP of Sales and Marketing, John Kosar

John Kosar brings expertise with business transformation - organizing IT talent, Agile development, Sales and Marketing integration


ATLANTA, Ga., Jun. 14, 2017 — ALTAVI, Inc., a sales operations consultancy and sales enablement partner, announced today that John E. Kosar III has joined the company as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He joins the ALTAVI team as a Partner, taking responsibility for Sales and Marketing efforts, as well as leading business transformations with new clients.


John Kosar brings 18 years of experience in Sales and Marketing business transformation, working with startups and large companies in multiple verticals. Most recently, he led a consulting team at Magenic Technologies that delivered tactical digital capabilities and scaled Agile methodology across the enterprise. When clients did not have adequate in-house technology talent to fulfill project requirements, he filled talent gaps through IT recruitment and development. At LeadingAgile, a company who grew by over 10x in part due to his efforts, John drove business transformation by applying Agile Principles and Scrum methodology to Sales Operations, specifically targeting pipeline management and the selling process.


“John’s deep experience with Agile Methodologies and Sales Enablement makes him a perfect match to our team,” said Steven Jameson, ALTAVI Managing Partner. John will help ALTAVI clients build digital capabilities within Sales and Marketing, delivering the right talent pool and methodologies to create sustainable, long-term growth.


He envisions bringing change to ALTAVI Sales and Marketing, as well. “First thing I would like to do is start to leverage the experience of our partners to reach a larger audience. Our consultants have driven transformations as corporate sponsors at multinational businesses: they have a unique perspective and a huge value add. That outcomes-level viewpoint gives us a responsibility to help shape our industry.”



ALTAVI is a B2B sales operations and sales enablement consultancy that helps clients bridge the gap between business strategy and sales execution. The Sales Operations practice focuses on integrating business functions with the voice of customer and in alignment with desired business outcomes; Sales Enablement develops the information, content and tools that help make the sale, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Configure-Price Quote (CPQ), and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). Both improve efficiency and effectiveness of sales in alignment with core business strategy. For more info visit:

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